Updated list of recognized Playweb Games (Level Up! and e-Games) GMs as of May 30, 2012.

For everyone’s information and guidance, here is the updated list of official Level Up! and e-Games GMs currently employed by Playweb Games Inc.

Marketing Team

  • GM Tristan
  • GM Nuala
  • GM Aeon
  • GM BoOM
  • GM GP02
  • GM Xtian
  • GM Cydie
  • GM SamHok
  • GM Varhanite
  • GM Fenris
  • GM Igneel
  • GM Raven
  • GM Pepper
  • GM Garrick
  • GM Xairam
  • GM Geheimnis
  • GM Kyatsume
  • GM Wahrsager
  • GM Zhi
  • GM Anael
  • GM Faith
  • GM Mihr
  • GM Finn
  • GM Aniela
  • GM Tron
  • GM Angelleus
  • GM Red
  • GM Aveline

Game Support Team

  • GM Masamuneko
  • GM Destiny
  • GM Savant
  • GM Xecar
  • GM Vazilos
  • GM Ashak
  • GM Hanayama
  • GM Metzger
  • GM VoodooPriest
  • GM Sofiel
  • GM Altaire
  • GM Rhamiel
  • GM Reewa
  • GM Shamos
  • GM Ashikaga
  • GM Heinzhummer
  • GM Paetou
  • GM Varhmiel
  • GM Yuriel
  • GM Riyuh

Please note that Level Up! and e-Games GMs:

  • will never ask for your password.
  • are prohibited from engaging in any form of Real Money Trading (RMT).
  • are not allowed to receive any form of compensation (in cash or in kind) from our gamers/subscribers in exchange for in-game items and special requests/favors.
  • are likewise disqualified from entering and participating in any stage of any Level Up! Live tournaments.

Individuals found guilty of falsely presenting themselves as Level Up! ore-Games GMs and/or employees shall be permanently banned (in-game and in real life) from all activities/events organized by Playweb Games Inc. All correspondences made by the employees listed above shall be made through the official company email domain (i.e. gm-name@levelupgames.ph) only; and not through any other email service providers. For all official Level Up! and e-Gamescorporate news and announcements, kindly refer only to the following:

All account-related concerns should only be coursed through the following websites:

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Level Up! is a trademark of Level Up! Inc. under license to Playweb Games, Inc.
Playweb Games Inc. is the publisher and operator of all game titles and services under the Level Up! brand in the Philippines.