We are very proud to announce the launch of LEVEL UP! PLAY on April 18, 2013, Thursday!



LEVEL UP! PLAY is our new account management and top-up system! This new system will feature the Single Sign-On model – meaning you just need one account to play, manage and top-up all your games. ONE ACCOUNT TO RULE THEM ALL!

LEVEL UP! PLAY is designed to be faster, easier to use, and more secure for you! In the near future, we will also include our Forums and Customer Support services into this single sign-on (one account for all) system.

We will be transferring users to LEVEL UP! PLAY in phases. For the first phase, we will transfer all users of the E-Games system into LEVEL UP! PLAY. All former users of the E-Games system can immediately use LEVEL UP! PLAY: just log-in with your current username and password to top-up and manage your account. E-GAMES ACCOUNT OWNERS DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER FOR A NEW ACCOUNT to use LEVEL UP! PLAY!

On April 18, 2013, the E-Games system will no longer be accessible and will instead be replaced with Level Up! Play.

The games below can be played using your LEVEL UP! PLAY account (Remember: you don’t need to register separately for new accounts!)

Please take time to read through the more detailed information below to learn how LEVEL UP! PLAY affects you:



  • You can log in to LEVEL UP! PLAY using your current username and password. No need to do anything. No need to register.
  • You will find all your game accounts for Ran, Cabal, Audition, Point Blank and Band Master all unchanged.
  • Don’t worry! Your account, characters, load/credit balance, and customer support ticket(s) will NOT BE DELETED. They will only be transferred to LEVEL UP! PLAY. You will be able to see your current load balance as if you logged in to the old EG system.
  • You can use your new LEVEL UP! PLAY account to automatically play Assault Fire. No need to register separately!
  • You can still use the same top-up cards to top-up with LEVEL UP! PLAY.





If you do not have a MyLevelUp! or E-Games account yet, you will have to register on LEVEL UP! PLAY or MYLEVELUP depending on which game(s) you want to play (See Below)

ASSAULT FIRE (and any games we launch in the future)

Create a single LEVEL UP! PLAY account to play Assault Fire, our new sci-fi shooter.


Create a single LEVEL UP! PLAY account and you can already play all of the following games:


You can register a game account in MyLevelUp! to play the following games:


Our goal is to give our players a better gaming experience, so we’ve applied new and exciting changes to LEVEL UP! PLAY to make it faster, more intuitive and easier to use. We’ve also added more security features to protect your valuable accounts, characters and gear against hacks and third party exploits.

In the future, we will be adding more of our titles into LEVEL UP! PLAY.

In the days to come, we will be posting a comprehensive guide, FAQs and tutorials on how to use LEVEL UP! PLAY.
Thanks for your continued patronage of our games and for your support!


The Level Up / PlayWeb GamesTeam

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